Wedding Cake Inspired by Succulents from our Garden

  • Posted on July 26, 2014 at 7:27 pm

I have been working on different flower beds surrounding our Cake Fiction barn. It’s hard landscaping a property from scratch, but we are making progress and the garden is in bloom. My latest bed contains a collection of succulents that I have been collecting and planting over the summer months, although I need to keep an eye out for the deer, who dig them out but then don’t eat them!Succulents Wedding Cake

In particular I like how these unusual plants add an ornamental aspect to the garden, and also how they blend in with rocks that we have unearthed as we dig and gradually reclaim the property!

Enthused by my gardening progress, I thought the succulent plants would make wonderful decoration on a wedding cake and I started testing my skills crafting different flower varieties from gum paste.

Last week I had a cake tasting for a wedding
couple, and when we talked about the design for their event, they said they wanted something out of the ordinary, I proposed the succulents. They loved the idea and here to the right is what I created!

I did more research and found some other ideas that might inspire you as you plan the finer details for your special day. I thought these bridal bouquets with Succulents were fabulous:

Succulents bridal bouquet in peach Succulents and purple orchid bouquet Large Succulents Bouquet

Also you might consider these succulent favors in galvanized metal containers, and various centerpiece arrangements for your tables.

succulent wedding favors

Assorted succulent centerpeices

Have fun planning your event, making it unique and memorable!



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  1. Debra kato says:

    I would love these for shower favors

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