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Inspiration for your Wedding Cake – Matching your Story

  • Posted on March 22, 2015 at 3:20 am

Whenever we are sitting down with a bride and groom to think about their wedding, we always ask them to consider what is their particular passion, or to think of places that they love which we can talk about and build into their design.

One of our brides’ family has been going to Walt Disney World forever. She and the Groom wanted to express their love of everything Disney withoutGardenia Flower  having Mickey Mouse everywhere so, needless to say, they were nervous trying to figure out what should be on the cake. The bride was looking at some pictures from their recent Disney World trips and saw the gardenia in bloom and knew that had to be it. The couple told me they had a connection to those flowers because no matter where you are on the grounds of both the Grand Floridian Resort or Polynesian Village Resort you can smell them everywhere.

After we had talked about the design and the colors she had in mind, we went back to the tasting session to think about their favorite combinations. The bride mentioned that her grandmother was originally from Italy and loved a special variation of Cannoli that had candied orange peel. There we had the decision immediately! This reinforced for me how important it is to think about what makes a wedding cake so unique, because it is all about you, just like the wedding day is all about you!

Once I start working on the elements of the cake, I will look back at my notes and think about what the customer told me, it really helps me get emotionally involved in the preparation, so that I am focused on creating the cake the couple described to me. So for example when I color the sugar flowers, I am making sure the edible food dust blush attains the right shade of color.
Coloring Sugar Flowers Candied Orange Peel


While I bake and prepare the ingredients, in this case you can see the candied orange peel drying, I think about what it means for the couple and how I am helping them create their dream cake!

And here is the end result, a beautiful three tier wedding cake with gardenia sugar flowers!

Gardenia Wedding Cake

Planning for your Wedding Cake

  • Posted on December 1, 2014 at 3:52 am

It’s the Thanksgiving Holiday and Wedding planning season is already off and running. We are holding tastings for events through end of next year, so I thought it would be useful to write about the wedding cake experience!

We encourage our couples to book a tasting and bring along several family or friends to corroborate their opinion about the best combinations of cake and filling for their reception. We want the couple to settle on their favorite flavor, but also to consider one or two other combinations that can be baked into several tiers, this way they can cater to different tastes in the wedding party, the chocaholics vs the nut lovers!

Don’t fret about buttercream vs fondant. If you want a perfectly smooth sculpted cake, then fondant is the best bet, it will also help your cake hold up to temperature fluctuations and humidity. Some bakers will charge more for fondant, although our policy is not to do so, since we roll our own fondant, to ensure a better taste and pliability for sculpting.

At the tasting and design session we also draw a sketch of the ideal cake design, incorporating elements from the wedding dress, color theme, table centerpieces, floral arrangements, invitations or even the couple’s favorite pets and hobbies! The more creative material you can bring to a design session, the closer wee can get to your dream cake. Most couples write to us after their event about how much fun they had at the cake tasting, we strive to make it enjoyable and memorable. One couple even featured our tasting in their own wedding planning blog!

Wedding Cake Design Elements Cymbidium Orchids Wedding Cake Sketch

Cake Fiction is not a high street or volume bakery. One thing that differentiates us from other specialist cake businesses is the fact that we limit the number of cakes we make each week, so you can be sure we are concentrating on your event. Your cake won’t be made by an assistant or inexperienced artist. Think about who you want to make your cake, who would you trust and why? Reviews by couples on reputable online wedding sites like The Knot and Wedding Wire are good places to establish a level of confidence in your shortlist of decorators.

Whoever you choose to create a wedding cake for your event, be sure to work with a cake decorator that is fully qualified, operating from a licensed commercial kitchen and who can present a certificate of insurance to your venue. Even if you have an enthusiastic family friend or relative that offers to create a cake for you, be aware that many banquet halls and restaurants will not accept caterers who cannot present credentials and insurance.Green Cymbidium Orchids Wedding Cake

Once you have settled on your cake decorator, make sure you also connect them with the staff at your venue who will
be organizing your reception, so that your cake has a table and setting exactly how you want.They should have table cloths and cake stands that match your vision, if not they can often be rented from the cake decorator. Even if you have a smaller wedding cake, it can displayed in a manner and location that makes it stand out. You can expect the decorator to follow up with you in the weeks leading to your event, just to finalize last details, modifications to your design and the number of servings based on your wedding guest RSVPs. Then just trust them to deliver and set up for you, letting you get on with your perfect day!