Graduation Cakes to Celebrate Success

  • Posted on February 21, 2016 at 5:30 pm

Our eldest daughter is about to graduate from High School in Watchung NJ, I can’t believe how fast the years are slipping by! Second daughter just graduated last summer from 8th Grade and before we know it we will be back on the trail reviewing Universities she aspires to attend.  Meanwhile we better start putting something aside to save for our little one, only 15 years until she gets there!  What will they end up doing, probably not designing specialty cake, although I don’t see any of them aspiring to be a Doctor either? Our daughters seem to be linguists and artists, and even though we lived close to Seton Hall University, Sofia wants to leave us behind for Boston or Philadelphia. Seton Hall University Graduation Cap

Excuse for a Family Get Together

Graduation Cap CakeIt wasn’t until we started seeing the kids strive and then pass each of these milestones that we appreciated what a big moment it is for families, an excuse for a party to celebrate these achievements at High School, perhaps the last chance to get together before we let them loose on the world! It only needs to be a simple cake with a Graduation cap that shows off their school pride, but still applauds their individual effort and achievement.


Eagle Scout Cake

Our relatives all live overseas so we have less opportunity to gather our family around the table, maybe that’s why I take a particular satisfaction in helping my customers plan a Graduation party and make the cake something really meaningful for the special guest, like this Eagle Scout Honor Badge design for an event here in Long Valley NJ, and I made matching cupcakes too!


Graduation Cakes for Young Professionals

Nurse Graduation Cake

While of course we love to create a custom design for High School and University students that are finally graduating after years of study, I really do take extra pride sculpting cakes for young professionals that are starting out on a career that serves our community and country especially the Doctors, Nurses, Engineers, Police, Firefighters, Marines and other brave service men and women.

This pink rose and fondant drape three tier cake with a stethoscope was for a couple of best friends graduating together from Nursing school.  I had fun sculpting a pair of figurines with their likeness, proudly sitting on top!


Giving Back to our Servicemen!

When we were asked to create a simple cake for a graduating US Marine, we made sure first to research the detail that we would engrave into his Mameluke NCO ceremonial sword, as well as on the Eagle Globe and Anchor symbol we sculpted from fondant on his cap and hand-painted on his cap.   Marine Corps Graduation Cake

P.S. Don’t be shy to mention if you are a vet or active duty serviceman, Simon and I are happy to offer a discount as a thank you for your service!

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  1. Katie Strauss says:

    I need a cake for about 20-25 people. It is my daughters first communion on 5/6. We would like something beautiful. Please email me. Thanks.

  2. Jenny Owen says:

    I’m looking for a cake for my daughter Jane and my niece Katie, to celebrate a dual graduation party

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